Spreading the Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking Statewide in North Carolina

March 4, 2021

This piece was written by ELI contributor Sarah Williamson. She is working on interviewing some of our most accomplished partners and facilitators.  Daisy Magnus-Aryitey doesn’t love public speaking, but you would never know it from her enthusiastic demeanor when she starts to talk about the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset. Magnus-Aryitey, an Ice House Facilitator, is the program director for the NC IDEA Foundation. The foundation fosters North Carolina’s economic development by supporting the entrepreneurial…

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NetWork Kansas Builds Entrepreneurial Thinking Through E-Communities

February 23, 2021

  All across Kansas, residents are taking a deep dive into entrepreneur-led development thanks to NetWork Kansas and its E-Commerce Programs.  Over the past 14 years, 66 e-communities have been established in the state’s 105 counties, providing $21.5 million to businesses and leveraging an additional $99.2 million (via bank loans, owner down payments, resource partner loans, and more). In addition to financial assistance, e-communities have played a significant role in changing how people think about…

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Go Before You Know: The Power of Learning Through Doing

February 18, 2021

  The stories behind many large, established businesses—from Waste Management to Walmart—often start the same way. A young person, motivated by a good idea, pursues small, uncertain niche opportunities. They do so without much capital, research, industry experience, or contacts.  How does this happen? How does an inexperienced, cash-strapped entrepreneur manage to transform an unrecognizable idea into a sustainable success?  Hint: It isn’t a propensity for taking risks.  Origins and Evolutions of New Business Researcher…

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Fortune Favors the Reliable

November 8, 2019

Learn How to Think (and Act) Like an Entrepreneur Part 6/8   Many famous entrepreneurs appear to have struck gold in their endeavors. Even if we hear the origin story of their success, something is missing from the retelling. In fact, they often took years filled with difficulty and multiple failures to get where they are. At a glance, it looks like luck, a chance encounter with the right person, or stumbling upon a solution…

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Gary Schoeniger’s Commencement Address, Pierpont Community & Technical College, 2019

May 31, 2019

  How Underdogs Win How do underdogs win? This is a question I’ve been pursuing for more than 25 years. How do those who have no particular advantage in life—those who may not be particularly brilliant or creative, those who may not come from privileged backgrounds, those who may not have advanced degrees—manage to rise above their circumstances to create meaningful and prosperous lives? My thought was that if I could somehow understand what makes…

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