Drive efficiency, engagement, and innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset



Gallup reports that 70% of government workers are not engaged in their work leading to a loss in productivity and costing taxpayers billions every year. Often challenged for their bureaucratic nature, fiscal responsibility and expectations of constituents demand efficient and effective public services. Government agencies are consistently being asked to “do more with less,” requiring methodologies to innovate and modify existing practices and policies to create value for their constituents.


A renewed vision of entrepreneurial thought and process in government service can drive innovation and create positive change. When government employees see their role as business owners and focus on customer service as the primary driving factor in their work, services improve and employee engagement increases. Through developing an entrepreneurial mindset in government workers, critical public services can be improved, fiscal resourcefulness can occur, and employee job satisfaction and retention are increased.


Government agencies offer the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as a leadership and workforce development program to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in their leaders and employees.


Participants will consume video content, discuss and apply core concepts, engage in the entrepreneurial process, and reflect individually. As a result, participants will become more empowered and engaged by:

  • Developing entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills
  • Identifying social and situational factors that encourage or inhibit entrepreneurial behavior
  • Identifying, evaluating, and validating opportunities in ambiguous, real-world circumstances
  • Identifying and interacting with entrepreneurs who provide critical guidance and ongoing support


Best practice to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in your organization is to:

  • Engage stakeholders with an ELI keynote and/or workshop;
  • Assess your entrepreneurial culture to identify gaps;
  • Establish your desired outcomes and evaluation tools to measure success;
  • Select key employees to become Ice House Certified Facilitators;
  • Implement the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program across your organization; and
  • Assess data and establish strengths and opportunities for improvement for the future.

Next Steps

To learn more about the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs, join one of our monthly live Ice House Information Webinars. To become an Ice House Certified Facilitator, visit out Training page. To learn more about our entrepreneurial culture assessment and implementation support including the establishment of outcomes and evaluation tools, visit our Consulting page.



  • "Once the entrepreneurial lightbulb goes on, the mystery is out of it. It's not hard for someone to have an entrepreneurial mindset; I believe we are all wired for it. The Ice House Entrepreneurial Mindset Program helps us realize just that."

    Mayor Richard J. Berry, City of Albuquerque

  • "Since we introduced the Ice House Program at the City of Albuquerque, employees are becoming fully engaged in their work, solving problems they used to expect their supervisors to solve."

    Tom Darling, Division Manager, The City of Albuquerque Public Service University

  • "We want to make it a part of the entire psyche of Colorado Springs, we are open for business, we have an entrepreneurial mindset. "

    Mayor John Suthers, City of Colorado Springs