Our Badging Process

Badging & Certification

The journey to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset has many exciting steps along the way. As the world leader in entrepreneurial mindset education, we’ve designed a straightforward process for you to earn a certification at whatever level you need to achieve your goals. Each certification will come with an Open Badge from ELI that includes information about the skills and achievements associated with the particular certification. This certification can then be shared with employers or on your LinkedIn profile and will provide evidence that you have worked to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Our certifications are available in the following levels:

ELI Fundamentals Badge

Bronze (Fundamentals) Badge

This level of certification covers foundational and fundamental concepts that are required for the development of an entrepreneurial mindset. You can achieve this certification at your own pace by completing our online Ice House Entrepreneurship Program and passing the end-of-course multiple-choice exam. If you’d like to begin this certification program right now, you can enroll at this link.

ELI Intermediate Medal

Silver (Intermediate) Badge

For the intermediate level certification, you must complete all requirements from the Bronze certification and work with an ELI-trained Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator (Gold or Platinum Certification) to complete the experiential learning activities associated with our Opportunity Discovery Process. If you want to not only learn about the entrepreneurial mindset but experience the entrepreneurial process while being guided through it by an experienced professional, this is the certification for you. To connect to a facilitator running a silver-level certification course soon please reach out to us at info@elimindset.com.

ELI Facilitator Badge

Gold (Facilitator) Badge

Our gold-level facilitator certification verifies that you have completed our requirements to train other people in the entrepreneurial mindset. If you are interested in teaching others how to think like an entrepreneur this is the certification that you will need. As part of the process for this certification, we will expose you to the materials that support the Bronze and Silver certifications and prepare you to be a strong mentor and guide for your students. We regularly hold certification courses and upcoming options can be found at this link. If you’d prefer to have private training for at least 10 people, reach out to us at info@elimindset.com.

ELI Expert Badge

Platinum (Expert) Badge

Those who would like to create a large-scale and sustainable impact across their organization might wish to have some of their staff pursue our platinum-level certification. By achieving the expert level of certification, platinum-certified individuals can instruct our gold-level certification course and certify people in their organizations as ELI-trained Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitators. Stringent requirements apply to qualify for this level of expert certification. If you are interested in pursuing a platinum certification and to learn more about the requirements needed, reach out to us at info@elimindset.com.