ELI’s Top of Mind – December 2020

December 23, 2020

Top of Mind is ELI’s favorite entrepreneurial mindset studies, articles, papers, books, and talks. Now, check out this month’s selection! Read Here  

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Diversity and Racial Justice in Entrepreneurial Mindset Education

July 11, 2020

An entrepreneurial mindset can unlock anyone’s potential. However, the path towards fulfillment does not look the same for everyone. How do white and non-black educators promote self-empowerment through entrepreneurship without invalidating the lived experiences of Black and Brown students and entrepreneurs? How do we acknowledge the reality of systemic racism, while teaching about the benefits of an entrepreneurial mindset? Some have pointed out a paradox in these discussions that we will attempt to detangle in…

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Creating an Intentional Community

February 11, 2020

  Photo by jose aljovin on Unsplash Learn How to Think (and Act) Like an Entrepreneur Part 7/8   In my quest to deconstruct the mindset and the methods of underdog entrepreneurs, I was searching for the common patterns of beliefs and behaviors that anyone could embrace. Among those factors was the influence of other entrepreneurs. Over time, it became clear that this was an extremely important factor—one that can drastically improve the odds of…

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Top 10+1 Ways A Fab Lab or Maker Space Can Benefit Your Community

February 1, 2019

Network Kansas partner and Ice House Facilitator Jim Correll recently published a blog enumerating the ways a maker space or fab lab can impact a community. Spoiler alert! One of them may or may not be the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program. Read Now    

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New Year, New Mindset: How Public Libraries Can Support Economic Development in Their Communities

January 15, 2019

  Ice House Facilitator Duncan Smith is the Chief Strategist for EBSCO Information Services, a pioneer in the library services industry. After attending certification training in Durham, NC, Duncan was inspired by the potential an entrepreneurial mindset could bring to communities and saw a unique way to engage stakeholders through their public libraries. Spurred on by his new passion, Duncan wrote a blog post illustrating how public libraries are perfectly suited for entrepreneurial learning and activity. Read Now

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