Drive innovation and sustainability with an entrepreneurial mindset



Nonprofit organizations are addressing the world’s greatest social, environmental, and economic challenges yet are often operating in resource-constrained environments. Nonprofit leaders and employees are required to be resourceful with time, money, and people to advance their cause. Yet, heavy reliance on volunteers and grant funding can be a challenge that will require a new focus on innovative ways to drive sustainability.


An entrepreneurial mindset can drive innovation in nonprofits by providing a new framework for thinking and acting. It an empower nonprofit leaders and employees to recognize opportunity, remain adaptable through setbacks, and become effective problem solvers in resource-constrained environments. Entrepreneurial nonprofits are resourceful with time, people, and money and find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.


Nonprofit organizations offer the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program as a leadership and staff development program to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in their leaders and employees. They also offer Ice House as a part of the programming for their constituents.


Participants will consume video content, discuss and apply core concepts, engage in the entrepreneurial process, and reflect individually. As a result, participants will become more empowered and engaged by:

  • Developing entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors, and skills
  • Identifying social and situational factors that encourage or inhibit entrepreneurial behavior
  • Identifying, evaluating, and validating opportunities in ambiguous, real-world circumstances
  • Identifying and interacting with entrepreneurs who provide critical guidance and ongoing support


Best practice to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in your organization is to:

  • Engage stakeholders with an ELI keynote and/or workshop;
  • Assess your entrepreneurial culture to identify gaps;
  • Establish your desired outcomes and evaluation tools to measure success;
  • Select key employees to become Ice House Certified Facilitators;
  • Implement the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program across your organization;
  • Implement the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program to your constituents; and
  • Assess data and establish strengths and opportunities for improvement for the future.

Next Steps

To learn more about the Ice House Entrepreneurship Programs, join one of our monthly live Ice House Information Webinars. To become an Ice House Certified Facilitator, visit out Training page. To learn more about our entrepreneurial culture assessment and implementation support including the establishment of outcomes and evaluation tools, visit our Consulting page.


  • "I stumbled on the Ice House Curriculum and thought I found the holy grail. It’s culturally relevant, accessible on many levels, and draws on the principles of effectuation which are being used in the top college entrepreneurial programs."

    Robert Schwarz, Executive Director, Level Playing Field Institute

  • "If you are interested in starting a business, the book makes it easy, but for people who are not interested in starting a business, there are so many messages in the book that are easy and so impactful. Reading a book about someone who is marginalized and who has grown beyond it, is a message that everyone can benefit from."

    Melissa Marts, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Agency