ELI’s Top of Mind – April 2021

April 29, 2021

Top of Mind is ELI’s favorite entrepreneurial mindset studies, articles, papers, books, and talks. Now, check out this month’s selection! Read Here

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Engaged students

Five Ways an Entrepreneurial Mindset Addresses Interrupted Learning

April 28, 2021

  Students who disengage from school tend to feel discouraged about their futures. They begin to lack hope. And without hope, they disengage further. This spiral impacts their academic performance, their learning, and their sense of self-direction. At The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, we’ve been concerned about this pattern for years—it’s one of the reasons that we’re so passionate about offering the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program to middle, high school, and college students. We believe that…

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The Five-Dollar Startup with Melissa Weed

April 21, 2021

    Many people want to start their own businesses but end up hesitating because of a lack of funds. But a lot of entrepreneurs have proven that starting a self-funded business is still possible even without much capital. Our host Gary Schoeniger is joined by Melissa Weed, founder of Pittsburg, Kansas-based cleaning business Honey Does LLC.   During their conversation, Gary and Melissa unpacked her journey towards being an entrepreneur, her relationship with education…

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A New Way for Young Adults to Gain Real-World Entrepreneurial Experiences

April 17, 2021

Summer learning slide—the academic regression students experience during the months long break from school—has long been a concern for parents and educators. For instance, the average student loses a month of learning in a typical year, and pandemic-related disruptions have heightened that loss. And, increased social responsibilities, summer jobs, and questions about their future make the Summer learning slide all the more real for young adults. Summer school is an option for some. However, some…

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An Entrepreneurial Mindset Blossoms Among Cleveland-Area Students

April 15, 2021

    When homeowners look for outdoor improvements in Gates Mills, Ohio, they might choose Cutting Edge Landscaping, a company run by student entrepreneurs.  A vendor looking for a product video or an athlete who needs a recruiting film might turn to Dunlevy Productions, a company founded by another high schooler.  Or a nonprofit like the Cleveland Food Bank or Special Olympics might receive a monetary donation from a student donating proceeds from their business.…

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Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative Cover

The Time Is Now, Read Our New White Paper, “Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative”

April 13, 2021

  Download the White Paper Here   Im-per-a-tive (Noun): An essential or urgent thing; of vital importance Life today is filled with imperatives. Everything seems urgent and critically important in vying for our attention daily. As such, when we sat down to write our new white paper, we did not decide to call it the Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative lightly. Between the pandemic, political strife, social strain, and massive changes in education and the workplace, the world…

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Tips for Conveying Your Brand to the World

April 8, 2021

  Many years ago, a young boy named Clifton Taulbert had a rare opportunity to go to a circus in Jackson, Mississippi. It was a two-man road trip, just the boy and his relative and mentor, Cleve Mormon.  As Taulbert shares in the book Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur, the two bought their tickets, found their seats near the front of the circus tent, and dug into hot,…

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ELI’s Top of Mind – March 2021

March 31, 2021

Top of Mind is ELI’s favorite entrepreneurial mindset studies, articles, papers, books, and talks. Now, check out this month’s selection! Read Here

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What’s the Secret in the Eight Life Lessons?

  We often share how the eight life lessons at the core of the Ice House Programs were “distilled” through observing hundreds of entrepreneurs. For some, this calls to mind a magic elixir that only a few special people are privileged enough to sample.  Spoiler alert: There is no magic elixir. These eight life lessons flow like water all around us—we just held out the cup and let entrepreneurs fill it up. Choice The ability…

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