“Innovation: A Critical Necessity”

Originally posted in our November 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

To wrap up this month’s Top of Mind, let’s turn our attention to groups and organizations. While individuals can clearly benefit from things like the flow state or learning to use effectual reasoning, how can an organization better embrace this energy too? The short answer is innovation.

Now a buzzword used by all manner of marketers, salespeople, and large companies to imply forward-thinking, many companies and organizations are leaving significant potential on the table when it comes to actually being innovative. 

In this white paper written and researched by the American Management Association (AMA), we learn that “Innovation is simply the creation, development, and execution of new and valuable processes, services, or products. It can range from modest changes that improve a single individual or team’s work processes incrementally to radical new ideas that can have impact across an entire organization. Both incremental and radical innovation have their place in gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage.”

So yes, while the term is often overused, innovative teams are still advantageous and, in many ways, necessary to adapt. But what does it take to become more innovative? In large part, it’s about creating a space for employees to tackle challenges in their industry head-on, promoting a sense of autonomy and mastery in their roles. An innovative, agile company shares many characteristics with an entrepreneurial person. By promoting things like experimentation, curiosity, and collaboration, managers can help move their teams toward innovative, entrepreneurial solutions. 

Download this white paper to review what the AMA believes are critical ways to develop a more innovative team and organization.

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