The Knowledge Project

September 7, 2017

The Knowledge Project is a podcast where Shane Parrish of Farnam Street and his guests deconstruct actionable strategies that help you make better decisions, avoid stupidity, and live a better life. From business to wine and everything in-between — we cover it all. Listen to the podcast here.

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Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History

Each week for 10 weeks, Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood. “Because sometimes the past deserves a second chance.” Listen to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast here.

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The Tim Ferriss Show

Each episode, Tim Ferris deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use.  This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more. Past guests include the likes of Maria Popova, Malcolm Gladwell, and Rick Rubin. Listen to the podcast here.

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Michael Gervais’s Finding Mastery

Finding Mastery is a podcast that takes you inside the rugged and high-stakes environments of those on the path of mastery to explore how they train minds to be at their very best. Host and high performance psychologist, Dr. Michael Gervais, interviews people excelling in the most hostile environments to discover the mental skills used to…

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The Rich Roll Podcast

Each week Rich Roll delves deep into all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward thinking, paradigm busting minds in health, art, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Intimate, deep and often intense, these are not interviews. They are conversations. A weekly aural dance designed to provoke, educate, inspire and empower you to discover, uncover,…

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