“Gig Economy and Self-Employment Report

Originally posted in our January 2023 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Self-employment is on the rise, not only in the job market but also in media and political discourse. But self-employment is not a one size fits all concept. In this recent report produced by Gallup and Intuit, we see pre-pandemic trends and the impacts of those trends on the lives of those who are in some form of self-employment.

Most important to note in all of their findings is that “ the negative attributes associated with self-employment, however, appear to be offset by advantages… including higher levels of satisfaction with aspects of autonomy and independence. Moreover, the self-employed are far more likely to agree that they use their strengths daily and that their opinions count. These are important indicators of engagement in productive work.”

While complex and different than the norm, self-employment tends to be worth it for those seeking fulfillment.

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