“Gen Z is the Hustle Generation”

Originally posted in our October 2023 Top of Mind Newsletter.

If I asked you to consider what Gen Z is most known for, you might think of TikTok dance trends, social media personas, or even online activism. But they are also rewriting the career narrative. This generation stands in stark contrast to the traditional 9-5 corporate mold, with some actively shunning the once-promised stability of such positions in favor of forging their own paths. They’re weaving an intricate web of side hustles, freelancing, and entrepreneurial endeavors, motivated by autonomy and a hunger for variety in their professional lives. But it’s not all roses. For one, the job market is simply not what it once was, and Gen Z is having to embrace this mentality partly out of necessity.

And while there’s much to admire in this go-getter spirit and their adeptness in navigating the gig economy, it’s crucial to strike a balance. The ‘always on’ culture can risk burnout, limiting our ability to relax, reflect, and derive meaning beyond our work. Amid this hustling frenzy, Gen Z’s journey could be enriched by dedicating time to leisure, personal growth, and nurturing connections. There’s immense potential in embracing both the zest for entrepreneurship and the equally essential realm of well-being. Achieving this balance can lead to more sustainable and fulfilling lives grounded in resilience and perspective.

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Strike a Balance