“Does the future of schooling look like Candy Land?”

Originally posted in our August 2021 Top of Mind Newsletter.

As the pandemic continues to complicate education at all levels, many schools are rising to the challenge. They are innovating, getting creative, and in some cases, are actually improving upon issues that have impacted education long before the outbreak of COVID-19.

One big way schools have adapted to meet the needs of students, virtually or otherwise, is through a concept called competency-based education (CBE). Advocates of CBE argue that “challenging students to demonstrate competency on critical concepts only after they feel prepared is a better and more motivating way to measure learning, and allows educators to address gaps before they grow over time.”

This more personalized form of education offers students more autonomy while also meeting learning standards set by the districts and states. But, while the idea is catching on, it isn’t without its challenges. It requires a shift in how schools operate and more involvement from parents. However, once a school adopts the system, some schools find that parents are ready to collaborate.

How can we adopt initiatives like competency-based education as we continue to navigate the complications of the pandemic? Is the current unrest we are experiencing an invitation to act?

What do you think?