“Are Gen Z the most stressed generation in the workplace?”

Originally posted in our February 2023 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Shifts in economic complexity and seemingly endless crises affect everyone. But, as the workforce shifts towards younger generations, these stressors weigh more on workers. So, rather than framing this as a deficit of Gen Z, it is essential to consider how we can adapt the workplace to be more agile and resilient.

“Whatever happens outside the office walls, leaders can begin by building what [experts describe] as a culture of purpose and impact. ‘Gen Zers want to work for an organization that offers flexibility, a boss who is a coach and a mentor (rather than a technical expert), frequent communication and clarity on how their work creates a positive impact in the world.’”

Entrepreneurial workforces start with entrepreneurial leadership, which includes creating space for experimentation and collaboration. These factors are the hallmark of the type of place Gen Z and others want to work in.

How can we collaborate?