Entrepreneurship Programs

Students Who Think & Act Like Entrepreneurs

By focusing on the intersection between mindset and strategy, we provide students with a framework for identifying opportunities so they can proceed from promising ideas to profitable actions.

Whether seeking to start a business or to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into their current endeavors, our products and services allow students to learn directly from the firsthand experience of successful real-world entrepreneurs while immersing them in entrepreneurial experiences that  enable them to develop the skills to discover and pursue opportunities.


  • Learn foundational entrepreneurial skills from real world entrepreneurs.
  • Learn critical thinking skills that apply to academic/professional success in any field. In addition to encouraging students to start their own business, students entering other professional fields will take a more critical, reflective approach towards their careers, encouraging them to seize ownership of their own self-fulfillment
  • Through our experiential-problem based learning methodology, your students build a network while they’re learning. This methodology is proven to engage students from the beginning of their college experience both in their work and their community.
  • Take your network with you: Continue learning & growing from real world resources as you complete the rest of your entrepreneurship education program.


Student Success

The Universal Mindset of Student Success

Just as entrepreneurs must experiment and persist in order to create value, students must pair determination with the right strategies to succeed in college. With an emphasis on adaptation and problem-solving, we drive student engagement, retention, and outcomes by preparing students from all backgrounds to leverage current strengths while also building new ones.

Entrepreneurship is not limited to business creation—it is a mindset that enables ordinary individuals to accomplish extraordinary things. For students struggling to adapt to the demands of academic and professional life, it is crucial to develop habits of thought and action that enable them to reach distant goals. We offer problem-based learning experiences that not only encourage students to challenge perceived boundaries, but also provide them with the tools and resources needed to actualize their personal vision.


  • An entrepreneurial mindset will help engage students by connecting what they learn in school to what they do in the real world.
  • Give students foundational skills to either start a business or be intrapreneurial and more competitive as an employee.
  • Get students and faculty more engaged with, and contributing to, the broader community.