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Educational institutions of all levels are working to create a better future, not only for their students but for society as a whole. The key to preparing students for an increasingly dynamic global economy is empowering them with an entrepreneurial mindset. ELI works with high schools, colleges, and universities around the world to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset across the curriculum.

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Workforce Development

Whether its job-seekers in a tough labor market, experienced professionals working on a career transition, or employees aspiring to add more value, the key to navigating the complex new world of work is an entrepreneurial mindset. ELI helps workforce development organizations prepare job-seekers and employees for the new economy.

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Small Business Development

Launching a new venture is much more than writing a good business plan. Its a way of thinking and acting that requires an entrepreneurial mindset. ELI helps small business development organizations prepare their clients with a for a strong start-up and sustainable growth.

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