Ted Dintersmith, What School Could Be: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Education

Jan 26 — Online
1:00 pm, Eastern Time

Ted Dintersmith sittingTed Dintersmith, the author of the book What School Could Be, joins us to start the 2022 Entrepreneurship in Education webinar series.

In this webinar, we will discuss some of the insights Ted found touring American schools. Firstly, he set out to raise awareness of the need to innovate education to prepare students for an ever-changing world. However, he found that many teachers were already on the case.

“All across the country, he met teachers in ordinary settings doing extraordinary things. They were creating innovative classrooms where children learn deeply and joyously as they gain purpose, agency, essential skillsets and mindsets, and real knowledge.”

How are these entrepreneurial and innovative educators making changes despite the system they are working in? What is the role entrepreneurship could play in any classroom? How can entrepreneurship take innovation to the next level?

In the conversation, we will uncover how to make small changes to how we teach our students. We also hope to hear from the audience about their experiences and challenges in bringing innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to the classroom.

About our Guest:

“Ted has become one of America’s leading advocates for education policies that foster creativity, innovation, motivation, and purpose. He knows what skills are valuable in a world of innovation. He also knows how we can transform our schools to prepare kids for their futures. His contributions span film, books, philanthropy, and the hard work of going all across America. He’s funded and executive produced acclaimed education documentaries, including Most Likely To Succeed, (Sundance, AFI, and Tribeca). With co-author Tony Wagner, he wrote Most Likely To Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era. During the 2015/16 school year, he went to all fifty U.S. states, meeting with governors, legislators, educators, parents, and students, and encouraging communities to work collectively to re-imagine school and its purpose.”

Watch the recording below: