Entrepreneurship in Education Series: Bree Langemo, A Liberal Arts Approach to Entrepreneurship

Bree Langemo, Professional woman posing for picture

Liberal arts education emphasizes the importance of lifelong curiosity and critical thinking. The same is true of entrepreneurship. What’s more, entrepreneurship isn’t just for those who want to start a business. It is a mindset that incentivizes problem finding and solving, with a connection to our communities, just like a liberal arts degree. One college is revolutionizing this overlap, Concordia College, Moorehead. 

In this webinar, Bree Langemo, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Concordia, will be joining us to discuss her role in developing a series of entrepreneurial programs for the college. 


About our guest speaker:

Bree Langemo, J.D., is the Director of Entrepreneurship and an Assistant Professor of Law and Entrepreneurship at Concordia College, leading entrepreneurial efforts across the campus and the community. In 2019, Bree helped develop and launch the Entrepreneurial Mindset Certificate and Entrepreneurship Minor to complement any major at Concordia. She teaches Introduction to Business Law, Entrepreneurship, and Inquiry courses and serves as the faculty advisor to the Concordia Entrepreneurship Club, home to Concordia’s most entrepreneurial students.