Entrepreneurship in Education Series: Broward College, Shifting College Community Culture with an Entrepreneurial Mindset


Dr. Mildred Coyne Imran Siddiqui Headshot

Broward College of Broward County, Florida, is pioneering a cross-curricular approach to a campus and community culture shift. They achieve this shift using a new framework based on the entrepreneurial mindset called the Broward College Entrepreneurship Experience (BCEx). BCEx aims to effectuate a culture shift that spreads the innovation-learning process across the entire college, including faculty, staff, students, and beyond.

Join us for a lively discussion with Dr. Mildred Coyne, Senior VP of Workforce Education and Innovation, and Imran Siddiqui, Associate VP, Workforce Education Employment Solutions, as they discuss how they are breaking down barriers to innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across campus.

About our Guests:

Dr. Mildred Coyne, Senior Vice President of Workforce Education and Innovation: Dr. Mildred Coyne serves as the Senior Vice President of Workforce Education and Innovation, overseeing the College’s workforce initiatives focused on building the talent supply to meet employer demand. The division includes certificate and associate career programs, continuing education, career centers, internships, apprenticeships, customized corporate programming, and career planning and placement services. 

Imran Siddiqui, Associate Vice President, Workforce Education Employment Solutions: Imran supports SVP Mildred Coyne in building the new Employment Solutions division at Broward College, a revolutionary approach to higher-ed job placement for Broward College students and the community. Placing job placement at the front and center of our priority and operation, the goal is to effectively transform Broward College into a high-level job placement agency. He also oversees all entrepreneurship activity related to the Broward College Entrepreneurship Experience (the Broward College lean launchpad startup and small business accelerator), the Broward College Innovation Hub, and the J. David Armstrong Student Venture Fund.