Proposed Sessions for SXSW Education (SXSWedu) 2016

SXSW Education (SXSWedu) is the preeminent education, innovation, and technology conference in the United States, and in 2016, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) is aiming to contribute to the learning and growth that takes place there.

The following proposed sessions contain ELI staff and distinguished collaborators striving to contribute to the conversation at SXSWedu. In order for these sessions to make it into the conference lineup, they need your vote! Read below and follow the associated links to bring these sessions to SXSWedu.

Education and entrepreneurship: What, why, and how

SXSW IMG_4497When most people hear the word ‘entrepreneurship,’ they think Silicon Valley startup OR they think owning a small business. Though these two narratives can be examples of entrepreneurship, they are not representative of the vast majority of entrepreneurship.

So what is entrepreneurship, then, and what can be learned from it that is relevant for education?

This panel is composed of professionals from a wide range of education, government, and for-profit organizations who will bring their diverse perspectives and experiences to explore what entrepreneurship is, why it’s relevant for education, and how education professionals can begin incorporating its lessons into their work.

Session Learning Objectives

  1. Define and examine entrepreneurship and its impact in various educational and societal domains.
  2. Consider the implications of educators engaging entrepreneurship and encouraging the development of entrepreneurial mindsets among students.
  3. Explore possible approaches to incorporating entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking into various education institutions and environments.

Session Participants

  • Thom Ruhe, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
  • Mark Hand, UnLtd USA / RGK Center at UT-Austin
  • Daniel Moska Arreola, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (TDM)
  • Vanessa Beary, Department of State
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An entrepreneurial mindset for student success

An entrepreneurial mindset can empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things; it is a mindset that exposes opportunity, ignites ambition, and fosters the intra- and interpersonal attitudes, behaviors, and skills that lead to success, both in college and in life.

This session will offer an inside look at a promising new approach to student success designed to harness the power of entrepreneurial thinking as an essential life skill. Drawing from the results of an initial pilot, this session will lead participants in the fundamental practices of the entrepreneurial process for student success and will help participants devise new approaches to student success at their institutions.

Session Learning Objectives

  1. Redefine entrepreneurship in a way that anyone can embrace, and understand how the person, the process, and the situation foster student engagement.
  2. Shift from teacher-dependent to self-directed learning, by engaging learning models that foster autonomy, mastery, and relatedness.
  3. Bridge the classroom and the community, by making connections and building relationships that can support students throughout college and beyond.

Session Participants

  • Gary Schoeniger, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
  • Bree Langemo, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
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Self-directed learning: Why it, why now?SXSW IMG_4523

The longer students stay in today’s school system, the less engaged they become. How is that possible? What’s going on here?

This panel will examine one aspect of the learning experience that holds promise for helping students, educators, and administrators reignite the love of learning innate in all of us: self-directed learning. From multiple perspectives, this panel will explore key aspects of self-directed learning, its implications for students and society, and ways in which we all can begin to take more ownership in our learning and our lives.

Session Learning Objectives

  1. Compare and contrast self-directed learning with other approaches to learning.
  2. Examine the implications of self-directed learning.
  3. Identify ways to incorporate self-directed learning into classrooms, schools, districts, university systems, and lives.

Session Participants

  • Michael Crawford, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
  • Rainesford Alexandra, The New School
  • Luba Vangelova, Self employed
  • Matt Candler, 4.0 Schools
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Fostering an entrepreneurial culture in schools

Culture is a key component to the success of any school system… but not just any culture. And in today’s dynamic world, the pressures school systems face require educators to identify problems, devise ideas, and manifest solutions, across schools and staffs, while remaining developmentally and educationally appropriate for students — not an easy task.

This session will explore entrepreneurship, its role in school culture, and you can use it to empower administrators, educators, and students to achieve their goals and exceed their own expectations.

Session Learning Objectives

  1. Define and deconstruct entrepreneurship and its connection to education.
  2. Examine the frameworks and structures of today’s schools and identify opportunities for change and growth.
  3. Determine how entrepreneurial thinking can be absorbed into the systems and cultures of today’s schools.

Session Participant

  • Pilar Gaitan, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
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Promoviendo la cultura del emprendimiento

La cultura es un componente fundamental para el éxito de cualquier sistema educativo… pero no cualquier cultura. Y en el mundo dinámico de hoy, las presiones que deben enfrentar los sistemas educativos, requieren que los educadores identifiquen problemas, conciban ideas y manifiesten ideas, al interior de la institution educativa, de quienes trabajan y le dan vida a las mismas; mientras se mantienen apropiadas para sus estudiantes a nivel educacional y organizacional. se explorará el emprendimiento, su rol en la cultura escolar y como se puede utilizar para empoderar al equipo administativo, educadores y estudiantes a alcanzar sus metas e ir más allá de sus propias expectativas.

Session Learning Objectives

  1. Definir y decosntruir el emprendimiento y su conexión con la education.
  2. Examinar los marcos y estructuras en las instituciones educativas de hoy, identificando oportunidades de cambio y crecimiento.
  3. Determinar como el pensamiento emprendedor puede ser absorbido y acogido en los sistemas y culturas de las escuelas de hoy.

Session Participant

  • Pilar Gaitan, The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
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Voting Details

The public voting window opens Monday (August 10, 2015) and closes Friday (September 4, 2015). To vote, login to PanelPicker, find the session(s) you want to vote for, and cast your vote(s). It’s that simple!