March 18, 2021

Seward County launches Kansas’ first Spanish Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

LIBERAL, Kan. (KSNW) – Southwest Kansas has the densest Hispanic population in the state according to the United States Census Bureau. But with diversity, can come obstacles — ones the Liberal community is looking to change.

The Seward County Development Corporation and the Seward County Community College joined forces to create equal opportunities for their minority population through a mindset-driven class.

The partnership launched the nation’s fifth and Kansas’ first, Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in which both content and instruction are given in Spanish.

“There are so many in the community who have those same desires and those same passions, but they didn’t have the programs available to them in Spanish, and we wanted to make sure we could meet them where they were in their language,” said Eli Svaty, Executive Director of the Seward County Development Corporation.

The program is offered in-state through NetWork Kansas and is funded by a grant through the Kauffman Foundation. It’s an eight-week course teaching students how to develop an innovative mindset to tackle issues in all areas of life.

Those involved say, with a community rich in Hispanic culture, it’s important to have a class in that community’s native language. “As a minority, the Hispanics are totally disconnected, and I think this will help them to get very connected and get the benefit of whatever the state or county can offer to them to become a successful person in life,” said Denis Zamora, class facilitator.

For more information on the program, read the full news article below or contact Seward County Development Corporation.

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