September 5, 2023

Pamlico Business Resource Center Launches “Lessons From The Ice House” Entrepreneurial Mindset Program

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Washington, NC – September 16th, 2023 – The Pamlico Business Resource Center is excited to unveil its groundbreaking “Lessons From The Ice House” Entrepreneurial Mindset Program in a one-day boot camp format on September 16th, 2023, in Washington, NC. This transformative workshop, led by Keith Hudson, Executive Director of the center, aims to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and personal growth within the community.

Thanks to the generous support of a grant from NC IDEA, all participants can access this program for free. The grant covers essential components such as learning materials, meals, and refreshments, ensuring that everyone can engage without financial constraints.

Developed in collaboration with the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, the program draws inspiration from the captivating book “Who Owns The Ice House?” by Clifton Taulbert & Gary Schoeniger. This narrative recounts Taulbert’s Uncle Cleve’s pursuit of entrepreneurship in the racially-segregated environment of 1940-60s Mississippi. Taulbert’s own entrepreneurial journey, from cotton fields to founding the Stair Master Corporation and earning a Pulitzer Prize nomination, provides a powerful backdrop for the program.

The “Lessons From The Ice House” program is tailored for established small business owners seeking growth. Also, it’s a great opportunity for individuals looking for personal development. Participants will gain essential entrepreneurial skills, along with problem-solving and goal-setting abilities, crucial for enhancing personal value and prosperity.

Registration is now open. Interested individuals can secure their spot by emailing or calling 252-833-0137 and leaving their contact information.

By launching this program, the Pamlico Business Resource Center continues its commitment to fostering local business growth and empowering individuals for success.

For media inquiries, please contact: Keith Hudson, Executive Director, Email: Phone: 252-833-0137

About Pamlico Business Resource Center:

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