July 31, 2017

Bringing Entrepreneurship to Rural Communities

Ice House Facilitator and Director of FabLab at Independence Community College, Jim Correll, joined forces with Gary Schoeniger, an internationally recognized public speaker and expert in the field of entrepreneurial mindset education to present in Ohio.

“I’m very pleased and honored to be sharing the agenda with a global thought leader like Gary,” Correll said. “His Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, using the revolutionary Ice House Entrepreneurship program, is changing the face of entrepreneurship education all over the world.

“At Fab Lab ICC, we’ve witnessed a powerful dynamic by combining the Ice House principles of entrepreneurial thinking with the technical tools for hands-on development of prototypes and creative products.”

Deb Martin, one of the organizers of the WSOS event, says the objective of the Ohio community collaborative is to explore ways to support and grow entrepreneurship for the economic benefit of the entire region. She believes Correll’s message is on time and on target for the newly formed network.

“We believe entrepreneurship represents the best opportunity rural communities have for revitalization, and to that end, we want to help them think about what types of supports they are currently offering to entrepreneurs, where the gaps are and how they might fill some of those gaps,” Martin said.

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