Entrepreneurship in Education: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Designing the “New Normal” In Organizations and Society with Dr. Alex DeNoble

Alex DeNoble

This month, Gary is joined by Dr. Alex DeNoble, Executive Director at the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center of San Diego State University and author of the forthcoming book The Entrepreneur Within. In this book, DeNoble explores the intersections between entrepreneurial behavior and strategy and the culture and politics within existing organizations. He also dissects issues individuals face when trying to move their ideas for new businesses and process proposals through the organization’s hierarchy.

In this month’s conversation, Gary and Alex will discuss the shifting landscape of a post-pandemic world. What is the “new normal,” and how will companies and organizations guide their workers and stakeholders through an indefinite future? To do this, they will touch on:

  • How the pandemic has changed work and socializing behaviors
  • Emerging “Industry 4.0” technologies, as well as other market shifts
  • Social and environmental changes
  • And much more!

About our Guest:

Dr. Alex F. DeNoble is a Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University. He is a current Board Member at the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) and served as the 2015 President of the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).

His primary areas of expertise include entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, technology commercialization, and strategic management. He has researched these areas and taught related classes in the University’s undergraduate, graduate, and executive MBA programs. Alex has published articles in such journals as IEEE Transactions on Management, the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, the Journal of Small Business Management, the Journal of High Technology Management Research, and the Journal of Technology Transfer. He has been involved in several startups and also has consulted with numerous organizations, including Qualcomm, San Diego Gas & Electric, NEC Corporation, and Siemens.