June 13, 2023

Clifton Taulbert

Clifton Taulbert
By: Alex Fuller

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Clifton Taulbert’s inspiring life story and message of possibility have captivated audiences worldwide. From his humble beginnings in the deeply segregated South, Taulbert has risen to become the President and CEO of two successful companies: The Freemount Corporation and Roots Java Coffee.

Raised in the Mississippi Delta, Taulbert credits his success to the entrepreneurial spirit he learned from his Uncle Cleve Mormon, who owned the local Ice House. This early exposure to entrepreneurship sparked Taulbert’s drive to break barriers and pursue his dreams. He defied expectations by excelling in academics, the United States Air Force, and also earning multiple degrees, including a graduate degree in banking from the Southwest Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University.

Throughout his journey, Taulbert’s mindset of embracing challenges and opportunities has been instrumental in his achievements. He played a pivotal role in the success of the “STAIRMASTER EXERCISE SYSTEM” and continues to push beyond predetermined boundaries. Taulbert’s life and work embody the belief that the impossible is possible.

Inspired by his Uncle Cleve and the concept of entrepreneurial thinking, Taulbert shares his experiences and the power of the growth mindset worldwide. Despite once being denied entry to a public library, he has authored fourteen books, with The Last Train North being a Pulitzer nominee. His first book, Once Upon A Time When We Were Colored, was even adapted into an acclaimed major motion picture.