The Entrepreneurial Mindset Project | Jim Correll | Last Chance University

The Last Chance University With Jim Correll

February 8, 2024

  Hello, and welcome to another episode of the entrepreneurial mindset project. Today, I’m speaking with Jim Correll, an everyday entrepreneur who started an entrepreneurial mindset revolution that transformed his community. At the age of 50, Jim was hired as an outside staff instructor to teach the Successful Entrepreneur Program at a small community college in Independence, Kansas. At first, his efforts struggled to gain the attention of students who were otherwise focused on a…

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TEMP S2 12 | Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

Measuring The Entrepreneurial Mindset With Dr. Jennifer Hall

July 6, 2023

  Welcome to the latest episode of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Project! In this special edition, we’re taking a different approach as we delve into the fascinating realm of the entrepreneurial mindset through the lens of psychology. Our guest today is Dr. Jennifer Hall, co-author of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile—a groundbreaking psychometric tool that assesses the entrepreneurial strengths of individuals across various domains, from students to organizational leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Dr. Hall and her team…

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TEMP S2 11 | Ideas Don’t Matter

Ideas Don’t Matter With Steve Orlando

June 7, 2023

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Project. Today, I’m speaking with a special guest, Steve Orlando, who is not only an incredible entrepreneur, but was one of my very first students when I was experimenting with teaching entrepreneurship at a local high school back in 2006-2007. Trust me when I tell you Steve has an incredible story to tell. As a mediocre student from a working-class family, Steve wasn’t sure where…

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TEMP 9 | Unlikely Entrepreneur

The Influence Of An Unlikely Entrepreneur With Clifton Taulbert

April 7, 2023

  Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Project. Today I’m speaking with my friend, collaborator, and co-author, Clifton Taulbert. Clifton has an amazing story to tell–from his childhood in the Mississippi Delta during the height of legal segregation to becoming a Pulitzer-nominated author and successful entrepreneur. I first met Clifton in 2008 while doing a research project for CISCO. It was his story that became the inspiration for the book Who…

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TEMP 7 | Mindset Shift

“My Purpose Is Bigger Than My Problems” With Trent Wallace

January 5, 2023

  A full mindset shift is needed to get through the most challenging moments of your life. Without this life-changing process, you cannot unlock a more positive version of yourself. Our guest today is Trent Wallace, an up-and-coming entrepreneur from the streets of North Omaha, Nebraska. In this episode, we discuss his struggle to overcome the challenges of his past, the lessons he learned at Boys Town, and embracing an entrepreneurial mindset to become a…

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