“What every US college should teach their students”

Originally posted in our April 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Continuing from the role active learning (with an entrepreneurial lens) can have on student engagement, we turn to an opinion piece from the founder of Best Buy, Richard M. Schulze. Schulze describes how the skillset and mindset of entrepreneurs equip students of any discipline with the drive, passion, and purpose needed to get the most out of their education.

According to Schulze, calculated risk-taking is another value of entrepreneurship from which anyone can benefit. At ELI, we describe this as micro-experimentation, a means of mitigating risk by testing small solutions before you make a big, bold bet.

As Schulze says, “learning to think and act like an entrepreneur emboldens students to take charge of their own destinies.”

Hat tip to newly certified Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator Steve Rice for sharing this article with us.

How can entrepreneurship benefit college?