“Want better child care? Invest in entrepreneurial training for child care workers”

Originally posted in our February 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Regarding bringing up our youth, let’s look at another system outside of the home where we place this responsibility. 

Early child care is where many children get their start in education. So, what better than to set this kind of learning environment up in an empowering way? In this article from The Conversation, we learn about the enormous benefits of training child care educators in entrepreneurial leadership. Entrepreneurial spaces emphasize collaborative problem solving, foster creative thinking, and ask us to reflect on current practices. These models also improve educator, child care provider, parent, and child engagement.

What’s more, these kinds of entrepreneurial leaders begin to see their roles as collaborative and purpose-driven rather than hierarchical. Therefore, if we want more civic and community engagement, what better place to start than in our early childhood care?

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