“The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times”

Originally posted in our March 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

As we have examined this month, there are significant ways we should explore our personal and organizational frames of mind. To become resilient to an ever-changing future, we need to adjust our assumptions. This piece from McKinsey shows a direct call to action to make our organizations more resilient. 

The article outlines the imperative for organizational resilience while also describing the various dimensions of resilience we should consider. The authors offer up some strategies for companies and organizations to take to instill resilience in their culture. What is very encouraging about their strategies is the emphasis on using these initiatives to foster more substantial outcomes before there is a disruption. A blend of methods is available to shore up a business, and the article posits that a blend of all can best prepare us. 

Lastly, the authors offer us ways to assess our current resilience, how much we might need for the future, and therefore a means of designing a path forward.

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