“The Need to Matter”

Originally posted in our January 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

To close out this month’s thoughts, we wanted to turn to what makes people happy in their life and work. In the face of massive uncertainty, the need to matter in our lives has never been more apparent. And, it turns out, it is an essential component of being happy. 

In a recent podcast interview, Scott Barry Kaufman talked with Isaac Prilleltensky, Chair in Community Well-Being at the University of Miami, about the need to matter. They cover a range of topics related to this idea and uncover how societally and organizationally we may be at times hindering this vital component of human flourishing.

Use this episode to reflect on how we show up with those around us. For example, how are we creating a psychologically safe environment where it is acceptable to be wrong and where our discussions lead to stronger community bonds?

Listen or watch here.