“The ‘idea’ of being an entrepreneur”

Originally posted in our November 2021 Top of Mind Newsletter.

As we think more about creating an entrepreneurial culture, we must consider various ways to promote the behavior. For example, in a recent blog from Matt Clancy, we see more evidence that social influence promotes entrepreneurship. In this piece, we see that entrepreneurial co-workers increase the likelihood of entrepreneurial activity in us. And, it is even more likely if we have other things in common such as gender or where they went to school.

“[This is] all consistent with the idea that people take their cues about what kinds of options are available to them from people who occupy a similar social position. When people like you are entrepreneurs, it seems to be especially impactful on your future probability of becoming one yourself.”

The piece goes on to discuss the various factors that spark the idea of being an entrepreneur. While not conclusive or prescriptive, it shows us data from multiple sources to build a case for fostering space for entrepreneurial clusters to increase entrepreneurial outcomes.

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