White Paper: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative

The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative is proud to present our latest publication, a white paper titled The Entrepreneurial Mindset Imperative. Read the abstract for the white paper below, and follow the link to download the entire piece!

“The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, from artificial intelligence, robotics, and the new “gig” economy, to global warming and mass immigration, the evidence of change is abundantly clear. And it’s all happening at lightning speed. Suddenly, the rules for survival have changed. And, the mindset that once enabled us to succeed is no longer as effective as it once was. To adapt and thrive amidst an ever-changing world, educators, organizational leaders, policymakers, and community stakeholders must recognize the entrepreneurial mindset as a teachable framework for thinking. This framework optimizes our individual and collective ability to make a more significant contribution to the institutions, organizations, communities, and societies we inhabit.

“The industrial era mindset that enabled us to thrive is rapidly becoming obsolete. And, we are currently living in a state of constant destabilization, one that requires everyone to think like an entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurial activity is the lifeblood of economies around the world. As some have argued, the entrepreneur is the single most important player in a modern economy. After all, entrepreneurs are those who invent new products and services that solve problems. These solutions create new jobs, revitalize our communities, and improve the overall quality of our lives. They are creative, critical thinkers who can identify and solve problems, mobilize resources, and make things happen when the rules are not clear and the path forward is not well defined. Simply put, entrepreneurs possess the attitudes and skills a rapidly changing world now demands.”

Read the full paper here.