Student Engagement: Shifting the Locus of Control to the Student Webinar

Although entrepreneurs face obstacles and make sacrifices, they embrace an internal locus of control enabling them to be successful despite their circumstances. An entrepreneurial mindset empowers students to be mindful of their choices, choosing the life they want rather than accepting life as it is.

Students who exercise their ability to choose, tend to operate from an internal locus of control. Students who operate from an internal locus of control clearly understand the connection between the choices they make and the results they get. They believe that they are responsible for their own outcomes and those outcomes result primarily from their own beliefs, behaviors, and actions. They see themselves as the source of control.

Once students become aware that they do have choices, regardless of their circumstances, they shift their focus to things they can change rather than things they cannot, they begin to exercise the greatest power we all have—the power to choose. When students understand the power of choice, the locus of control shifts to the student, driving ownership and engagement in the choices they make and ultimately, their future. By embracing an entrepreneurial mindset, students make conscious choices about what they want to have happen and begin to focus their time and energy on their goals – the things that matter most.

In this webinar, ELI President Bree Langemo facilitates a discussion on the power of choice as a critical component of an entrepreneurial mindset to empower students and drive student engagement.

Webinar Panelists:
Jacob Sanwidi, Ed.D.
West Virginia University Ice House Facilitator
Program Coordinator for Graduate Student Support, Success, and Life

Ted Phillippi
West Virginia University Ice House Student

Download the webinar slide deck here: Student Engagement Series – Shifting the Locus of Control to the Student.pdf

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