“Stop Coachsplaining!”

Originally posted in our February 2024 Top of Mind Newsletter.

“Stop Coachsplaining!” delves into the intricate relationship between coaches and teachers, highlighting the detrimental effects of excessive direction-giving by coaches. Coaches engage in coachsplaining when they dominate conversations, prescribe solutions without considering teachers’ perspectives, and focus solely on instructional techniques rather than student needs.

This approach undermines professional growth by oversimplifying complex issues, diminishing teachers’ autonomy and motivation, and hindering genuine learning opportunities. By recognizing the limitations of coachsplaining and prioritizing collaborative dialogue and inquiry-based coaching approaches, coaches can foster a more supportive and empowering learning environment for educators.

As practitioners of entrepreneurial discovery learning, we need to be careful about how we coach the entrepreneurs we serve. As entrepreneurs, we also need to be careful of how the solutions we propose interact with our potential stakeholders.

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