“Research Insight: Entrepreneurship Education Is About More than Startup Creation”

Originally posted in our December 2021 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Shifting from system-wide changes in schooling, let’s talk about entrepreneurship education specifically. You may have heard us talk about the power of entrepreneurship education beyond business creation. We aren’t alone in our claims, either. For example, in a recent Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast episode from Stanford, researcher Chuck Esley asks three prominent leaders in startup entrepreneurship about some interesting observations. 

As Esley and colleague, Yong Suk Lee found, “formal entrepreneurship education helped Stanford alumni founders raise more funding and scale more quickly than peers who received no formal entrepreneurship training. But entrepreneurship education didn’t lead to a higher rate of startup creation itself. What should that finding mean for entrepreneurship educators?”

Highlighting the broad-reaching impact of entrepreneurship education, the guests offer perspectives of change. How can we engage in entrepreneurial learning as we contemplate changes to our lives? How can we adopt entrepreneurial teaching principles into more aspects of education?

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