“Pandemic-To-Permanent: 11 Lasting Changes To Higher Education”

Originally posted in our June 2021 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Now let’s turn to some predictions for the future of education due to the pandemic. While these are just that, predictions, we found some important things to reflect on in this piece.

Be it a push to all things virtual, non-degree learning, or pricing models that are severely out of date; the pandemic has brought the future of education forward in many ways. Moreover, as employment and employability concerns continue to rise, it seems that market shifts will force innovation and adaptation in education.

Gone may be the days of Ivy league schools dictating what quality education looks like. Yet, even these elite universities are not keeping pace in all areas. So, with new opportunities to innovate, when has there been a better time to prepare workers, learners, educators, and employers with the 21st-century skills we find in entrepreneurs?

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