“Only in Toledo: Be inspired by the story of DeShawn Willis and Lake Lawns”

Originally posted in our June 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

For inspiration and to demonstrate to principles we’ve been thinking about this month, the ELI team wanted to highlight one entrepreneur who is making it work no matter what, DeShawn Willis. Owner of Lake Lawns in Toledo, Ohio, DeShawn is a prime example of the power of vision and persistence while showing us you do not need significant investment to start something sustainable.

In this short video highlighting how he got started and how he keeps going, DeShawn tells the story of discovering someone made him into a meme. The post on Facebook was making fun of his use-what-you-have solution to a broken-down van. After reposting this explaining how without a van, a motorized bicycle was what he had to use to get around the city to cut lawns, DeShawn saw an uptick in interest in his business. He also saw the opportunity for a crowdfunding campaign to enable him to grow his business infrastructure. 

Watch his inspiring story, and consider donating below.

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