National Survey of Student Success Initiatives at Two-Year Colleges

In October 2012, the Gardner Institute administered the “National Survey of Student Success Initiatives at Two-Year Colleges” designed to investigate student success practices, policies, and services at two-year colleges. The survey did not cover all initiatives related to student success, but focused on those that are widely used in higher education institutions: summer bridge programs, pre-term orientation, developmental education, first-year seminars, learning communities, early warning/academic alert systems, service-learning, student/faculty research, services for transfer-bond students, four-year institution presence, offering of baccalaureate degrees, career exploration, and institutional participation in national student success initiatives. The survey also included questions about policy related to late start and reverse transfer (the awarding of A.A. or A.S. degrees after transfer to a four-year institution).  Download the results in the attached pdf.

Download: National-2-yr-Survey-Student Success Initiatives.pdf