“Landmark study reveals number one factor impacting student learning”

Originally posted in our March 2024 Top of Mind Newsletter.

In a review of 2,100 meta-analyses from over 40 years, Professor John Hattie has uncovered what he believes to be the main factors in improving student engagement. In his report, Hattie emphasizes the importance of shifting educational culture towards fostering excitement and engagement in both teachers and students. He highlights the critical role of high expectations and embracing diverse learning opportunities. Ultimately, he underscores the transformative power of instilling a love for learning in every child. 

What’s more, entrepreneurial mindset education can serve as a conduit for transforming educational culture. By nurturing creativity, resilience, and a growth mindset, this educational framework empowers both educators and students to embrace challenges, think critically, and innovate in their learning journeys. This approach fosters an environment where high expectations are not only met but exceeded, enabling every individual to thrive and discover their passion for lifelong learning.

Read the piece at the link below:

Learn to Love Learning