“Ira Glass on The Creative Process”

Originally posted in our July 2021 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Ira Glass, host of This American Life on NPR, has successfully produced high-quality radio for over two decades. But, as he will freely admit, he wasn’t always very good at it. In fact, he claims to have not been up to his own standards for years.

And he’s not alone. As Glass earnestly discusses in a series of videos titled On Storytelling, almost all creatives go through a period in their work when their taste has higher standards than what they’re producing. This period could be in art, writing, speaking, or anything else that feels creative; the point is that anyone endeavoring on a new venture will likely go through this issue.

The same is true for entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurship might not look like painting a beautiful landscape, but it involves many of the same processes as an artist connecting with their audience.

So, if it’s something we all go through in our endeavors, what do we need to do? Keep working on it.

—Side note, we heard about this video during one of our facilitator training sessions with Bowie State University.

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