“Growth comes from repeatable scalable sales processes”

Originally posted in our June 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

While we’re considering paths towards growth and innovation, we also need to think about developing effective systems to channel these goals. As this piece from 2019 suggests, many entrepreneurs treat each sale opportunity as a way to uniquely meet their clients’ needs. Initially, this is great for them to try out many little tweaks to their proposed solution. However, it very quickly limits you from scaling the efforts you are putting in. 

As this piece suggests, while you’re initially setting out to test the idea, you will also want to be thinking about creating a process to scale. Many entrepreneurs are so enamored with their idea that they do not consider the steps they might need to take in order to connect with their audience.

So, how are you starting to replicate what works in those early conversations with stakeholders? 

While a simple enough question, many entrepreneurs are not setting themselves up for success when it comes to marketing and selling their solutions.

Process-Driven Results