“Finding–and becoming–great mentors and sponsors with Carla Harris”

Originally posted in our July 2023 Top of Mind Newsletter.

If you haven’t ever heard from Carla Harris, consider this your wake-up call. Harris is the former Chair of the National Women’s Business Council, former Vice Chair of Wealth at Morgan Stanley, and has made a continued career of writing and speaking about leadership and mentorship. Earlier in 2023, she joined Adam Grant on his podcast, ReThinking.

During their conversation, Harris and Grant unpack her early years in business, the role of leaders in attracting and retaining quality employees, and the importance of mentorship. One quote from Carla during the conversation stuck out, “there’s a lot of different equations that equal success. Surely there’ll be one for me.” This speaks to the importance of seeing yourself in positions that you cannot currently fill but also shows the value of finding mentoring moments in any situation. 

Check out the full episode below to hear more from two insightful and impactful speakers!

Find a Mentor