“Essential Life-Learnings from 14 Years of Brain Pickings: Choose Joy”

Originally posted in our March 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

We end this month’s Top of Mind by reflecting on “choosing joy” from the blog formerly known as Brain Pickings (now The Marginalian).

Maria Popova writes beautifully about how we should choose joy “at first consciously, effortfully, pressing against the weight of a world heavy with reasons for sorrow, restless with need for action.” She urges us to choose joy despite all that the world throws at us in order to make it habitual. Practicing this choice helps us tend to the “little joys” that are often “the slender threads of which we weave the lifeline that saves us.”

Let this brief piece be a meditation on the importance of how we view the world and its power over the course of our lives.

Choose Joy