“Air Force Academy Tennis Coach Survives Stroke and Uses his Resilient Attitude to Thrive”

Originally posted in our September 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Those who follow ELI and other mindset leaders have heard about the power of resilience many times, but it is another thing to hear from someone who has struggled against tough odds about how they do it. In this podcast interview, Dan Oosterhous of the Air Force Academy shares his story of recovery from two strokes that impacted his career as a pilot and as a tennis coach for the Academy. 

In his story, we hear that the whole time during the initial recovery, he was focused on learning about the situation and learning more about what was happening with his body. What he and the podcast host noticed is that not only is this problem-solving attitude useful in achieving recovery goals, but it also engages their caregivers more, too. 

So while we reflect on the power of the mind, we should also remember that we have more autonomy than we realize to change the way we think. Even in the face of a difficult recovery, we can achieve more than any would hope to.

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