“AI and the next digital divide in education”

Originally posted in our August 2023 Top of Mind Newsletter.

As key stakeholders in entrepreneurship ecosystems, educators are often at the forefront of changes to the landscape. But, it is in the classroom and on campus that widening gaps in access are often most apparent, too. The digital divide is a topic we’ve heard much about as technological advances continue to leave humans’ adaptability in the dust, and with the addition of AI, we may be seeing a new division occurring.

In the past, it was access to technology that was the largest dividing factor, followed by knowledge of how to use it. But now, it’s the tech, the knowledge, and the people —coupled with access to AI systems that can fulfill the more routinized tasks of education—that we face. If we are going to continue to work towards an ecosystem that provides the best opportunities for innovation for all, we need to be mindful of the gap.

AI isn’t going away, but perhaps we can stir its advance towards reducing unnecessary barriers. After all, to endeavor is a challenge in its own right; why would we put up more roadblocks?

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Mind the Gap