“A Framework for Character Education in Schools”

Originally posted in our October 2021 Top of Mind Newsletter.

As we think about how we structure our work in established organizations and more autonomous settings, the idea of character often comes to mind. Sometimes seen as a polarizing subject, studies have linked character development to the culture around an individual. Furthermore, if we want individuals and societies to flourish, we need to examine how we intentionally or unintentionally develop characters and virtues in our students.

In this article, we see an exciting framework for intentional character development in schools. We see this as a precursor to changing the way we think about work. How does our character influence our priorities? What about the ways we relate to our communities and the problems we face?

In the framework, we see concrete suggestions for adjusting a school’s culture. And indeed, these are based on individual students’ needs and the collective group. The article also provides a list of virtues that teachers cultivate in their students. The list holds the needs and experiences of others equally with the needs of the student. What’s more, the framework suggests that we need to integrate these virtues and the character they build into all levels of teaching. This way of thinking aligns importantly with entrepreneurial learning and discovery. We can teach this type of learning in any variety of classes, not just a business or management course.

Check out the Framework