“5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Career in the Age of AI”

Originally posted in our May 2023 Top of Mind Newsletter.

Chances are high that you have listened to or read about the influence ChatGPT and other AI engines are already having on myriad industries. From generative art to automated virtual assistants, the advancement of the AI space is faster than almost any previous tech boom we’ve seen. With this rapid advancement comes significant uncertainty. 

In this HBR article from Dorie Clark and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, we learn about five concepts for future-proofing your career. Each of the authors’ suggestions offers a quick and useful way to think about this new technology while also seamlessly aligning with entrepreneurial thinking. Connecting with real-world people to learn their needs, constantly learning, and being reliable are all keys to remaining impactful in the world of work.

What’s more, however, is the true opportunity AI offers us. For decades, industry leaders have framed the majority of work as something for us to be as efficient as possible at. If we become competent users of AI rather than waiting to be replaced by it, perhaps we can find new freedom to do what we love in a way that serves the world around us, too.

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