Student Engagement: Shifting the Locus of Control to the Student Webinar

Although entrepreneurs face obstacles and make sacrifices, they embrace an internal locus of control enabling them to be successful despite their circumstances. An entrepreneurial mindset empowers students to be mindful of their choices, choosing the life they want rather than accepting life as it is. Students who exercise their ability to choose, tend to operate from an internal locus of control. Students who operate from an internal locus of control clearly understand the connection between…

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Student Engagement: The Power of Vision Webinar

If we are to create the life we imagine, we must first imagine the life we want to create. Yet, many do not take the time to imagine the life they want to create! An entrepreneurial mindset uses the power of vision to drive action and hard work towards a higher goal. When there is a genuine vision, one that resonates within, students are more likely to excel and learn, not because of something a teacher…

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