Supplemental Resources

“Are Questions the Answer?”

Originally posted in our February 2022 Top of Mind Newsletter. Trends in education show us that learner-to-learner relationships are critical. While teachers need to lead certain parts of the education process, peer-to-peer learning can immensely benefit understanding and practicing a concept. In this piece from Edutopia, we learn about a tool developed as part of inquiry-based learning, the Question Formulation Technique. This method is especially beneficial for students who have been set in their other-directed ways…

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“Getting Out of the Building: Customer Development”

How are we interpreting our situations? How are we thinking about where we are going? What do we think about the work we are doing? These are vital questions, but what do they amount to if we do not act on them. In entrepreneurship, theory becomes a reality when we step out and interact with the world around us. Like a painter capturing the mood of a scene they find evocative, an entrepreneur’s real power…

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