Welcome to the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program!

We’re very excited at the opportunity to have you take part in this life-changing course.

Over the duration of this program you will learn about 8 life lessons that are fundamental to an entrepreneurial mindset- a mindset that can empower anyone to success, regardless of their chosen path or background.

Purchasing an individual registration code provides access to the online course components including video interviews with real-world entrepreneurs.

Registration codes will be delivered digitally via email within 24 hours from the time that payment information is submitted. Should you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to orders@elientrepreneur.com and a dedicated member of our team will ensure that you’re taken care of.

Please note: purchasing the registration code does NOT include the printed materials required for the course.  If you do not already have these materials, please visit with your instructor prior to confirm what you need.

Thanks again for taking Ice House! We hope you enjoy the program and that you extract great value from it’s lessons.

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