May 9, 2018

St. Pete City, Chamber, & Nonprofits Partner to Launch Ice House

A public-private partnership between the city of St. Petersburg and the local chamber of commerce is launching an eight-week course for leaders of nonprofit organizations aimed at helping them find creative and resourceful ways to bring in additional revenue.

The St. Petersburg Greenhouse’s Ice House Entrepreneurship program launched Tuesday and is based on the nationwide Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative. Participants are expected to learn entrepreneurial behaviors and skills as well as how to identifyopportunities including support from the private sector.

The Greenhouse identified a need for greater emphasis on nonprofit organizations that foster innovation within the community that help bring jobs to the region.

“Our mission is to support the community’s businesses and entrepreneurs, and nonprofits are a huge part of that,” Sean Kennedy, vice president of entrepreneurship and community development for the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce and co-manager of the Greenhouse, said in a statement. “This program represents an opportunity to bring more resources to the nonprofit community.”

Participating groups include the Boys and Girls Club, Goodwill and Mt. Zion Human Services. Many local business leaders sit on nonprofit boards. Brian Davis, senior vice president of business operations for Tech Data, serves as vice chair for the Suncoast Boys and Girls Club.

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