May 13, 2018

PrepaTec Students in Mexico Recognized for Ice House Opportunity Discovery Projects

PrepaTec students completed their Entrepreneurial Leadership course in their final semester of high school. The course is based on ELI’s Ice House Student Success Program. Students are guided to strengthen and transform their mindset, developing an entrepreneurial mindset that is focused on identifying and solving social and commercial problems. Ice House bolsters the vision of PrepaTec “to form humane and internationally competitive entrepreneurial leaders.”

PrepaTec hosts a culminating event, the Entrepreneurship Gala, which showcases the most distinguished final projects from each PrepaTec campus – Ice House Opportunity Discovery Canvas Projects that stand out. This event was created to provide students with the opportunity to experience and observe the importance and collective impact of their ideas and work within their society.

The Entrepreneurship Gala strives to inspire and help shape the students’ futures and aspirations, not only for their own well-being but in the interest of common and social good.

This is PrepaTec’s second year of implementing the Ice House Student Success Program. To learn more about PrepaTec’s outcomes from the first year, visit their case study here.